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2007-06-11 19:42

Petr Zelenka Q – excellent modern jazz

/ o cd Mafiosi: "Super hraní a výborně natočeno ... prostě světová třída" - Jazz Journal International /

Petr Zelenka is The 1999 winner of the "Junior Jazz" international contest by Czech Jazz Society.

Petr Zelenka (1979) - guitar
is undoubtedly one of the greatest talents on Czech jazz scene since the time of 60ties when Jan Hammer, Miroslav Vitous or George Mraz sparkled in Prague jazz clubs. His guitar playing attracts musicians and excites the audience. Among the musicians, already now in his 20, he's got reputation as an unlimited jazz guitar player! Influenced with the style of Jim Hall and Joe Pass goes further from straight ahead jazz to interactive playing and create, together with Jaromír Honzák on bass and Martin ©ulc on drums, "burning" or "soothing", but always exciting music and atmosphere. Petr Zelenka Trio appears regularly on the stages of the top Prague jazz clubs. Zelenka also cooperate internationally and performed at the International stages including Jazz Festival in Novosobirsk - Russia in 1998.

Jaromir Honzak (1959) - bass
Represents the worldwide acclaimed Czech bass school made famous by George Mraz or Miroslav Vitous. Studied the conservatoire of music then, as a scholarship awardee, the Berklee College of Music in Boston, USA. As a superb bass player he cooperates with all generations of Czech jazz musicians and performs regularly on Czech or international jazz scene. As a sideman bass player he is often invited as a guest to many different, mainly jazz, projects. His sideman career includes the experience with such jazz greats as Bill Hardman, Don Friedman, Jimm Pepper or Art Farmer. As a leader and composer he has been involved in the international jazz band QUARTET EAST.

Martin Sulc (1961) - drums
...the most talented drummer I've heard in a while
Miroslav Vitous
...was awarded #1 drummer - Akcent magazine 1988. In 1991 received prestigious Fulbright Award by J. W. Fulbright Commission. In 1991 - 92 a scholarship stay at Berklee College of Music, Boston, Ma U.S.A. Since 1986 appears on TV, has been recording for the Czech Radio and different record labels with different jazz personalities. Performs on international jazz festivals and has been calling to back-up such different jazz personalities as Jimm Pepper, Bill Hardman, Don Friedman, George Mraz, Claudio Roditi, Hal Galper. In 1999 produced the CzechArt Orchestra for Russell Garcia's "Tribute to Dizzy Gillespie" prestigious concert.


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