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Moonlight Mayhem Fest

2007-10-22 18:31

Moonlight Mayhem Fest -

Prague (2. & 3. 11. 2007)
@ Vagon, Narodni 25 in downtown Prague
Doors at 19:00, Bands 19:30-1:30, DJ Party 1:30-04:00

Eastern Europe's Only Psycho-Horror Fest!!! Featuring an International All-Star Line-Up of Psychobilly and Horror Punk Bands Coming Together for Two Nights of Music and Mayhem in Europe's Most Beautiful (and Spooky) City. Bat Country Booking, with the help of Prague Sinners and all Czech Psycho and Punk bands, has worked to build the Psycho and Horror Punk scenes. The time has come to put our city on the map as a festival destination. We invite you to join us this year for what we hope will be the first of many Moonlight Mayhem Fests.
Tickets are Limited!!!

In Prague @:
Lucky Hazzard Shop
Emergency Records
Maximum Underground
Online @
Europe’s newest hostel is a quick three stops on the metro from Prague’s historic and stunning city centre. We boast an indoor swimming pool & sauna to sweat off some of that fantastic Czech beer!

Friday Night

Ireland's very own Rockabilly heroes SPELLBOUND launched their third studio album 'Eleven Deadly Sins' with a triumphant sell-out gig at Dublin's Voodoo Lounge on February 24th 2007. The band's pacey style has been described as 'neo-rockabilly' or 'rocking-psychobilly' and SPELLBOUND live shows have become the stuff of legend all over europe. Spellbound was formed in 1986 by brothers Frankie and Adrian Hayes. Unlike other Irish bands of their time, Spellbound decided to head directly to mainland Europe, where their 1988 debut album MYSTICAL MADNESS was very well received and notched up many thousands in sales (amazingly, that album was never released in their home country). The boys blazed a brief trail across the rockabilly and psychobilly festivals of Germany and Scandanavia before, it seemed, vanishing back into the Hellfire woods of County Wicklow. The band reformed in 2003 to play some psychobilly festivals in Germany, Spain and Holland, and 2005 saw the release of their long-awaited 2nd CD 'A FISTFUL OF SPELLS', which galvanised the band's position as one of europe's most exciting 'Billy acts, and also sold in substantial numbers. Since then, Spellbound have brought their now legendary live performances to Spain, The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Finland, Prague and the United Kingdom. 2008 will see Spellbound bring their rockin style to American shores for the first time.

The Klingonz are not a band, they are an experience. Their onstage hijinx are complemented and surpassed by their coordinating outfits- from space chicken muppets to male stripper clowns, complete with silver g-strings and red noses. They have brought almost 20 years of intergalactic goofiness to the psycho scene, and are not a mere novelty band. Never ones to take themselves seriously, they are serious musicians who together and individually have significantly contributed to the development and perseverance of psychobilly music.
The Klingonz

Death Valley Surfers
Psychobilly Party band from London. Their first visit to Prague since 2001. They play with plenty of humour & a big fat swinging saxophone. On stage with Tequila & silly dances! This is a blast when you feel the rhythm & the beat in your bones, heart and feet!

The Astro Zombies

The Silver Shine
The Silver Shine is a raw, rockin', psycho trio from Budapest that is not afraid to let it's punk roots show. Though relatively new, having formed in 2004, they are quickly becoming a psychobilly staple in Eastern Europe. The band's high energy and furious sound have won them gigs and fans throughout Europe. They have played with bands such as The Meteors, The Rezurex, The Klingonz, Mad Sin, and The Peacocks. The Silver Shine have just released their second full length album "Don't Trust the Girl with the Chainsaw."

Hollywood Suicide

The Bad Tones

Saturday Night

To go off the deep end- idiom; 1) To act recklessly or hysterically, 2) To lose one's mind. If only it were that simple to define The Deep Eynde, a complex band at the forefront of the Horror-Punk genre. This L.A. group's music comes on like a noir detective; dark, mysterious, sensual, intense, and predictably unpredictable. The influence of growing up in the 80's punk and goth scenes is ever present, but the unexpected country and swing undertones help their albums to weave an enchanting musical web from which there is no escape. Among it's various influences, The Deep Eynde cites Johnny Cash, The Damned, Siouxsie and the Banshees, and the Misfits. The band has gone through mutations and transformations since being spawned over 15 years ago, but some things have remained constant- a reputation for unforgettable live performances and superior music.

The Spook

The Green Lord is back! The Czech Republic's premier psychobilly band, known for setting the night on fire literally and figuratively with wicked psycho music and fire shows will return to the stage after a long absence. Their sound is spawned from the primal jungles of psycho hell and their music is delivered like a sermon from the realms far below. Open your ears and deliver your soul!
Green Monster

Shadow Reichenstein
The werewolf order once again marches into Prague. The unique sound and distinctive aesthetics of Shadow Reigchenstein have won them a deserved loyal following. More like Kiss or Motley Crue than the Misfits, they helped broaden the definition of horror punk. Sex, Death, and Rock and Roll, oh, my!

Bloodsucking Zombies from Outer Space

Crimson Ghosts
At the end of the seventies, when the Zodiac Killer felt he was becoming too weak to go on with his deeds, he decided to re-animate four already executed serial killers by black magic, to carry his name through times and collect slaves for his life in the realm of the dead. He called them "The Crimson Ghosts" and in 2001 these undead creatures gathered to spread sonic terror and bring horror in the name of their father to the world of the living.

The Shadowbirds is a crazy psychobilly trio from a dark cellar of Budapest. They play psychobilly with agressive vocals, building on sick rock and roll roots.
The Shadowbirds

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